Global Conference Destinations Singapore




Singapore is a world-class destination highlighting some of the best that Asia has to offer. From the impressive architecture to the city-state's focus on improving sustainability, Singapore is looking toward the future, making it a popular destination for both conferences and general vacationers.

Named by the World Bank as one of the easiest places to do business, Singapore has established itself as an economic and cultural hub in the region. Its primary conference destination, the Suntec International Convention and Exhibition Centre, hosts a number of global events each year. The facility has recently upgraded, with over $147 million in renovations.

When visiting Singapore should take the time to enjoy the beautiful scenic vistas at HortPark, the Forest Walk, and the Henderson Waves Bridge. The National Gallery of Singapore is home to the largest public modern art collection in all of South East Asia.


business Accommodation in singapore

The Singapore accommodation selection offers a bit of something for everyone. Luxury travellers can enjoy some of the finest resorts in the world, while those on a budget can find unique accommodation options at affordable rates. Hotels in Singapore are distinguished by their quirky sense of style and fresh take on traditional accommodation. Here are some recommendations showcasing some of the best the city-state has to offer:

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Dining Out in singapore

Singapore is a gastronomical hub in the region, offering a rich selection for visitors to enjoy. Eating is one of the most popular pastimes in Singapore, and it definitely shows in the dining options, with new restaurants popping up nearly every day. Visitors can enjoy Michelin-starred dining or get a taste of the local flavour with abundant street food. Singaporean cuisine takes influence from Indian, Peranakan, and Chinese techniques and ingredients. To get you started on your culinary journey in the area, here are a few recommendations:

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Getting Around

Public Transport

Singapore's public transit system is inexpensive and easy to use, making it a great option for travellers. The Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) subway system can take you anywhere in the main city and even out to some farther destinations on the island. You can take city buses as well, although the system can be a bit confusing for those unfamiliar with the area.


Singapore has a great many sights that are best viewed on foot, but the heat and humidity can make walking a bit tiresome at the height of the day. Free city maps featuring popular walking tours are readily available throughout the city.


Taxis are typically the best way for travellers to get around. They are usually well-maintained, and most drivers speak English. You can hail a cab from just about anywhere, but it is easiest at hotels, restaurants, and major tourist attractions. However, during the morning and evening rush, you may have to wait a while at the taxi stand to reach the front of the line, so you may be better off walking if your destination is not too far away. Fares are metered, and you should not expect to pay more than $20, even going to the outer reaches of the island.


Visitors are advised not to bother renting a car. Not only is public transport less expensive and more efficient, but those not familiar with the local driving style can find it maddening at times. Traffic can become quite congested during the mornings and evenings, and parking is relatively scarce. Stick with public transportation for you best chance of getting to your destination in a timely manner.