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Seoul has set the standard for technology in Asia. It is a popular destination for people from all over the world. As the capital of South Korea, Seoul represents the views of the South Korean people as opposed to the North, showcasing the ideals of capitalism compared to the communist counterparts in the North.

The Coex Convention and Exhibition Centre in Gangnam features over 1.95 million square feet of meeting space, more than enough for any exhibition. In addition, the city is packed with hotels and other accommodation at a wide variety of price points to suit any budget.

When visiting Seoul, you should spend some time wandering around the city and observing the different lifestyles of the locals. Those from rural areas should be advised that Seoul is a city of neon and excitement; it is not a pace to relax and escape from it all. To get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Cheong-gye-cheon offers a welcome respite. This renewal project brings just a hint of nature to an increasingly urban area, offering waterfalls and public art to break up the skyscrapers and heavy traffic.


seoul Accommodation

As Seoul becomes an increasingly cosmopolitan city, so to do its room rental rates rise. The city offers many luxurious accommodation options, but it also still houses some that are surprisingly affordable. Seoul is in a state of constant flux, ever-evolving, making it difficult to pinpoint the best neighbourhoods in which to stay, but travel experts recommend these spots:

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Dining Out

Every visitor to any city in Korea should try kimchi at least once. This fermented cabbage dish is a national favourite. While it can be off-putting to foreigners, it is a well-loved staple of the Korean diet. While chopsticks are used throughout Asia, visitors to Korea will notice that the chopsticks are flat, rather than round, and are made of metal, as opposed to wood or bamboo. Korea offers a wide variety of dining options, and here are some of the top recommended restaurants, according to travel pros:

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Getting Around


The subway is the quickest and easiest way to get around Seoul. It is inexpensive, runs frequently, and is safe for travellers. Maps and recorded announcements are in English as well, making this an even better option for those from out of town. It is important to note that trains stop running at midnight, so you will need to arrange other transportation if you will be travelling late at night. Morning and evening hours are inadvisable, as this is when the majority of city dwellers are riding the trains going to and from work, so it can be difficult to find space on the trains.


Travellers can hail a taxi from pretty much anywhere in the city, and prices are metered. You should keep in mind, though, that any toll bridges or roads will incur additional charges to cover the fare. Some taxis do not have meters, instead offering fixed charges to various destinations. Try to avoid these whenever possible, as the quoted fare will likely be higher than what you would pay on a meter.


Seoul was not designed with pedestrians in mind, so you would do best to avoid trying to walk your way around the city. Drivers will not stop for you when crossing the road, so be extremely careful in busy areas.