• What makes Professionals Travel Cover different to most other travel insurance products?
  • Professionals Travel Cover is a single annual multi-trip policy that covers up to ten travellers in your practice, business or self-managed super fund. So no need to purchase individual policies. One policy covers all. It’s convenient, tax deductible for must be authorised to act business travel and provides the security of worldwide travel cover and emergency assistance.
    Unlike most individual travel insurance policies there are no premium increases the older you or other covered travellers get. Maximum age for cover under the policy is however 64 and under.
    Many retail insurance products also charge extra for snow and cruise cover.
    And there’s no requirement to apply for cover and no loading should you or anyone covered under the policy have an existing medical condition. There are however conditions and circumstances not covered under your policy and you can review these here. 


  • Who can purchase a policy?
  • The person who purchases the Professionals Travel Cover policy must be authorised to act on behalf of the practice, small business or self-managed super fund and occupy any of the following roles:
    - Principal
    - Practice partner
    - Shareholder
    - Director
    - Business owner
    - SMSF member or trustee
    This authorised person becomes the ‘Nominated Policy Holder’.
    There is no requirement for intended travellers to be named under the policy.


  • Who can be covered under a Professionals Travel Cover policy?
  • Professionals Travel Cover covers principals, practice partners, shareholders, directors, business owners, SMSF members or trustees and their spouses (de facto), including dependant children, for business and leisure travel. (Spouses and dependant children only covered however when travelling with the above defined.)
    Staff are also covered for business travel only although provided the primary purpose of travel is for business.
    All travelling under this policy must be Australian residents under the age of 65 years who are eligible for a Medicare Card.


  • Are those covered under the policy travel able to travel anywhere?
  • Yes, travellers under the policy are covered for worldwide travel as well as for domestic travel. Obviously cover for travel to regions or countries deemed by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade as “Do not travel” or “Reconsider your need to travel” locations will be excluded and all travellers under the policy are encouraged to review the Governments ‘Smart Traveller’ website prior to any planned trip as travel warnings for some countries can change.
    Cover may also be excluded for travellers departing for a destination after an event has occurred and has been reported in the media. Again we encourage travellers to visit our site for any updates from our insurer should an event occur close to planned travel dates.
    Cover is only valid for trips starting within Australia.


  • How can I purchase a policy?
  • The Nominated Policy Holder can purchase online using Visa or MasterCard or by calling our Customer Service team.
    There are nil merchant fees charged on the transaction.
    Please call our Customer Service team if you prefer to pay by account transfer.


  • Are pre-existing medical conditions covered?
  • Pre-existing medical conditions are covered without the requirement to formally apply for cover.  There are however conditions and circumstances not covered under your policy and you can review these here.


  • Is there a maximum age limit for travellers covered under the policy?
  • Maximum age of any traveller covered under the policy is 64 years. This includes spouse/de facto who are travelling with a traveller covered under the policy.


  • What is the maximum duration of any trip?
  • The maximum duration of any single trip is 30 days. Professionals Travel Cover is an annual multi-trip policy which means covered travellers can travel frequently, within the combined number of annual trips limit nominated when purchasing the policy.
    Travellers under the policy however are not covered for travel that extends beyond 30 days.


  • Is cover for Snow and Cruise activities included within the policy?
  • Yes, under the Professionals Travel Cover policy there is cover for both Snow and Cruise activities included in your policy at no incremental premium.
    Please take some time to refer to Sections 20-29 of the PDS to be clear on what’s covered and what’s not covered with regard to Snow and Cruise activities.


  • How do I make a claim?
  • To make a claim, please visit the ‘Make a Claim’ tab on our site or simply click here to see what’s required.


  • What happens if someone covered under the Professionals Travel Cover policy requires emergency assistance?
  • Our Emergency Assistance provider operates ‘365/24/7’.
    For medical emergencies only: (+) 61 2 8015 6261
    Missed flights/travel delay: (+) 61 2 8015 6287
    Other assistance enquiries: (+) 61 2 8015 6110


  • What Happens If I Change My Mind?
  • If you decide that the policy is not right for you, you can cancel it within 14 days after you're issued your Certificate of Insurance and PDS. You'll be given a full refund of the premium paid, as long as you haven't started your Journey, and you do not want to make a claim or to exercise any other right under the policy. After the 14 days you can still cancel the policy or make any changes to the policy, but you will not receive any refund of premium, therefore we encourage customers to review their policy documents including the PDS as soon as they are received to ensure that the product is right for them.